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About Claire Westberg

Claire Westberg
Spectrum Exchange Corp.


Claire began her career in Orange County, California as an escrow officer specializing in residential resale and commercial transactions.  She handled her first exchange in 1979 before the tax code was “simplified.” (That customer is still using her exchange services!)

She then expanded her career to include escrow management duties while maintaining a reputation for being an “exchange expert” within the escrow community.

In 1990, looking for a change, Claire became a licensed real estate agent in the State of California, again, working with investors looking for exchange opportunities. However, since 1992, shortly after Code Section 1031 was issued, Claire has focused her energy exclusively providing Qualified Intermediary (accommodator) services.   She began with Fidelity National Title’s Qualified Intermediary, Western American Exchange, and then opened Spectrum Exchange Corp. with her husband Rick in December of 1995.  Rick created the software program still being used to manage the exchanges and Claire has enabled thousands of taxpayers to defer their capital gains taxes on the sale of billions of dollars worth of investment properties!

A large part of the success of the exchange company is the fact that Claire handles exchanges all over the United States and specializes in reverse and build-to-suit transactions and has kept the company small enough to be personally available for immediate consultation on potential or current exchanges. She also provides written material and/or seminars upon request.

Though not an active real estate agent, Claire obtained her Arizona real estate license in 2004 in order to stay involved in the real estate industry.  Upon request, she will provide local agent referral services.

In June of 2003, Rick and Claire moved the company to Sedona, Arizona because it’s such a beautiful place to live and work!  They got away from the heavy traffic and built two beautiful homes in Sedona, fortunately selling them both before the economic bubble burst! Missing the water and green grass, and with Rick being a bit focused on survival, in 2012 they moved to 5 ½ acres on the Verde River in Camp Verde and are now raising chickens, geese and goats!  Claire is still providing exchange services for clients all over the country as well as Arizona.   For fun and to occasionally visit civilization, Claire sings with the 4 time Sweet Adeline Championship Scottsdale Chorus!

For reverse or standard exchange information, contact Claire at 928-284-9840 or 800-822-1031. (All reverse and build-to-suit exchanges are handled by All Real Property, Inc., also owned by Claire - call for details.)